Why is my access denied to a specific section of the AFP Website?

Access may be restricted based on current status for:
* membership – only current AFP members may access member only content – such as AFP Market DataCollaborate, and RFP Resource Center
* certification – only current CTP, CTP(CD), CCM or Certified FP&A Professional holders may access the recertification resource center
* registration – event content may be restricted to registrants only
* subscription – purchase a Service Codes subscriptionpurchase a subscription to the CTP Exam Prep Platform or purchase a subscription to the FPAC Exam Prep Platform
* publication – AFP produced publications.  If available, archives will be posted and a login for registered users or AFP members may be required to view content.
If you are already logged in and recently updated your current status, please “Logout” and then “Login” to refresh your permission.  If you do not see your name in the upper right message box, please click the “Login” button, as this may resolve your issue.
You may have a duplicate record using another e-mail address.  Login with that e-mail address.
For further assistance, please contact customerservice@afponline.org with the following information: your name, e-mail address, specific URL that you are trying to access, error message, web browser and version.  We may need to reset your password to troubleshoot the issue, but you may change the password.