How Can I Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer?

If sending a payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT such as Wire/ACH), please contact for bank payment instructions.

**When initiating the EFT, in the description or Originator Bank Information (OBI) please include the invoice number (if applicable) and the name of the person or organization payment is intended for (example: Jane Doe, Membership, Inv 12345). To ensure that your funds are successfully credited to your account, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name and email address of person initiating the EFT
  • Name of bank transmitting the funds
  • Amount of funds that will be deposited in USD
  • Value Date
  • Reason for the EFT, such as program and name of customer
  • Please mail or fax accompanying documentation (registration forms, invoices, order forms, etc.)

Please note that any incoming bank transmission fees must be included.