How can I find out what was charged to my credit card?

  • If your credit card was charged by the Association for Financial Professionals, then the credit card statement will display “ASSOC FOR FINANCIAL PRO 301-9072862 MD". 
    • For details about a transaction charged by the Association for Financial Professionals, please submit the following information to
      1. Screen shot of the credit card statement that displays ASSOC FOR FINANCIAL PRO
      2. Transaction Date of the Charge
      3. Amount of the Charge (AFP charges in USD, if your credit card is not USD, then you may see a different amount based on the conversion rate for the date of the transaction.) 
      4. Credit Card Type (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa)
      5. Last 4 digits of the Credit Card 
  • If the credit card statement displays says something else, then it was not charged by Association for Financial Professionals, and you should contact your credit card issuer for details.